Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patriarch Kirill Calls for Catholics and Orthodox to Work Together

http://worldchristianchurches.blogspot.comThere is a growing with recognition that there is more that joins with theologically faithful Catholics and theologically faithful Orthodox than that which separates us. Patriarch Kirill fuels the growing Catholic and the Orthodox collaboration to stem the decline of moral values and the hostility of the West toward the Church.

We welcomed with great hope the selection of the Patriarch Kirill as the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (See New Russian Patriarch Kirill Elected in Moscow Synod ) The election of Patriarch Kirill was the first election of a Patriarch since the fall of the atheist Communist and regime which governed the former Soviet Union for so many years. It was a sign of the hope for the revitalization of the ancient faith in this critical time in history.

Patriarch Kirill is theologically and doctrinally solid - a man of deep faith and with courage. He is a champion of the authentic Orthodox Christian Tradition and a stalwart defender of the doctrine of the ancient Faith of all. He is outspoken in his concern over the moral decline of the Russians, European and the broader western culture.He is also dedicated to doing something about it by leading a resurgence of the authentic Christianity in a new missionary undertaking to the culture.

In an insightful analysis written for the Catholic Online entitled Patriarch Kirill & Pope Benedict: A Tale of Two Leaders for a new Missionary Age Orthodox priest Fr Johannes L. Jacobse, and the editor of Orthodoxy Today and President of the American Orthodox Institute opined " Patriarch Kirill is a theological conservative in the mold of the Pope Benedict. Both see religion as the wellspring of the culture. Both understand that Europe cannot escape a final capitulation to tyranny if it does not rediscover their Christian roots."

Patriarch Kirill has not ceased to offer his voice of clarity and the authority to the growing Catholic and Orthodox critique of the decline of moral values and the hostility of the contemporary culture toward the Church. He is a fervent and the prophetic figure these days, exposing the growing rejection of the Christian influence throughout the world and warning of the the dangers such a rejection presents.

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