Friday, July 23, 2010

Papal donations bring hope to needy worldwide

http://worldchristianchurches.blogspot.comThe Pope's $250,000 donation for the reconstruction of a Haitian school is to be delivered on today. The large monetary gift that constitutes just a small part of the aid the Holy Father distributes every year to those in the need.

Members of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum arrive in Haiti on Thursday to deliver a $250,000 gift on behalf of the Pope towards the reconstruction of a school in the capital of the Port-au-Prince.

Vatican Radio reported that the gift "isn't just about an economic contribution, but most of all (it is) a gesture of the closeness from Benedict XVI towards the victims of the earthquake, who still suffer so much."

The Holy See's radio station explained that the Pope Benedict "can carry out this gesture of charity and the closeness to the victims of the natural disasters, conflicts, poverty and hunger thanks to the donations of the Catholics of the world, that then are distributed by the Pontifical Council 'Cor Unum' based upon the indications received from the Pope."

The donation to the Haiti comes as the council's Popolorum Progressio Foundation begins its yearly meeting, this year in the Dominican Republic, to decide on which projects they will be able to the finance. Last year they were able to sponsor 193 projects, and at this week's meeting they will decide which proposals have to finance from a pool of 230

In 2009, the Pope sent out of $1.9 million to 25 countries for emergency relief alone. The most recent donation made public by "Cor Unum" was a gift to the flood victims and evacuees in Poland in May.

Between these and other projects managed by the "Cor Unum" through the John Paul II Foundation for the Sahel, Popolorum Progressio and other channels, the Holy Father's yearly public donations reported by the council approach by $10 million. In the Jubilee Year in 2000, however, contributions reached immense levels through a special initiative that involved the partnerships with dioceses from around the world.

That year donations rang up to a total of almost $20 million

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