Thursday, July 8, 2010

Archbishop Nichols gives details of Pope's Britain visit

http://worldchristianchurches.blogspot.comArchbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster has told to Vatican Radio that the faithful will have ample opportunity to participate in events planned for Pope Benedict's trip to Britain.

"There are three large outdoor events, and in an age of the safety regulations, security problems, making sure that nothing can possibly go wrong, three major outdoor events in three different locations in three days is a real challenge," the archbishop, who is now president of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, was quoted by the Catholic News Agency.

"Then there will be drives that the Pope will make in to the Pope mobile through the centers of the cities, and that will give a lot more people the chance to come out and to greet him and to show him their support.

"Then we will have full live coverage on our website and we are also now producing a booklet with all of the liturgies that will the Pope will preside at, so that people whether they are sitting in front of their televisions or in front of giant screens in their parish community centers can pray together with the Pope, following him word for word, while he is here."

He said access to the events will be open to all, but non-Catholics wishing to attend must go through their local Catholic parish and the pilgrims must travel to the events in groups for security reasons.

Government co-ordinator for the papal visit, Lord Patten of the Barnes, said the Government will pay £10 to £12 million ($18 to $26 million) for the state aspects of the visit, not including policing costs. While this is greater than the original £8 million ($14.3 million), it covers the four-day span of the Pope's visit.

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