Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to find GOD

http://worldchristianchurches.blogspot.comHere is a practical help to look honestly at yourself
— and by doing so, to attain the deepest desire of every
sincere Christian: union with the God Himself.

These days, it’s easy to be diverted from the search for the God
and even to lose yourself. That’s why the monk Hubert van Zeller wrote
this book: to help the modern souls like you spot the dangerous distractions
and keep you on the path to true knowledge of yourself . . . and of God.

From Dom van Zeller, you’ll learn how, by coming to see yourself
with true clarity, you can grow into the person Christ means you to be
— no matter how far you still have to go. You’ll learn how to attain an
unmistakable, lasting experience of the God that will charge your life
with a transforming spiritual vigor.

How to Find God is a spiritual banquet for
every Christian who wants to attain the true self-knowledge and
to be united with Him who is the fount of all joy.

  • Why you must discover your true self in order to discover God
  • How to avoid the dangerous misconceptions in your views of the world and of Christ
  • You, a saint? A simple way to test your motives and see if you’re honestly trying to become one
  • True and false lovers of God: how to tell which kind you are
  • Loneliness: why it’s an unexpected but the authentic sign of a soul finding Christ
  • Four earthly things that allow you to glimpse God’s unfathomable splendor
  • The one thing you must have in order to know anyone truly, including God
  • Do you have unspiritual assumptions about the God’s creation? Find out here!
  • Self-deception: why it’s so common and so difficult to pierce through — and the simple way you really can begin to overcome it
  • Why love and sacrifice are inseparable for every true Christian
  • How to get down to business and translate your charitable ideas into charitable actions
  • And more to help you know God better — no matter how well you know Him now!

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