Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pope says life accompaniments wherever the Gospel is embraced

The Christian Gospel brings a affluent of life wherever it is embraced. That was the message of Pope Benedict XVI at his midday Regina Coeli on May 29.

Drawing upon the first-century story of Philip the Deacon, who preached Christ and cured many in the city of Samaria, the Pope renowned that the New Testament records that “there was great joy in that city.”

“Every time we hit this expression,” said the Pope to pilgrims in St. Peters Square, “in its spirit it conveys a sense of hope, as if to say: it is possible! It is possible that the world will know true joy, because wherever the Gospel arrives, life flourishes, just as a infertile land, watered by the rain, immediately revives.”

Essentially, the Pope optional, Philip and the other disciples did in the villages of first-century Palestine just what Jesus himself had done in their recent past – “preached the Good News and worked miraculous signs” because “it was the Lord who acted through them.”

As it was in that time and place, said the Pope, so it has been down during the centuries of Christian history.

“It is natural to think of the curative power of the Gospel, which over the centuries has ‘flowed’ as a beneficial river, through many populations.”

“Some great saints have brought hope and peace to entire cities - we think of St. Charles Borromeo in Milan, at a time of plague, or Blessed Mother Teresa in Calcutta, and many missionaries, whose name is recognized only to God, but who gave their lives to the proclamation of Christ and to allow a deep joy to thrive among men.”

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