Monday, May 23, 2011

Latin American bishops: Rebuild society based on the Gospel

The Latin American Bishops' Council has called on Catholics to strive for personal change based on the Gospel in order to transform society.

“As the Church, the bearer of the life of the Kingdom of God, we feel called to carry out a new evangelization that lifts the fallen, welcomes those barred from our society, heals the hurting, answers those who ask where God is amidst all the calamities, and return hope in the plentiful life that springs forth from the Risen Crucified One,” the council said in the statement released May 20.

The council free the message at the conclusion of its 33rd General Assembly.

The Latin American bishops also urged that life be promoted amid the culture of death, which has resulted in many young people falling victim to the aggression of drug trafficking and “becoming disenchanted with the institutions that have lost their reliability because of ingrained corruption.”

“Jesus teaches not to remain motionless before this situation,” they said.

The evangelization of the continent today is a “continuous” task that requires attentiveness in overcoming “not a few obstacles and resistance.”

“In Jesus people sense the attendance of our faithful God who journeys with his people and His answers to their genuine desires,” they added. They invited all the bishops of the region “and the entire People of God to endorse living and vibrant experiences of the Gospel.”

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