Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love within Trinity overflows into forgiveness for man, Pope says

The love that exists inside the Holy Trinity overflows into love and forgiveness for man, as shown by Christ’s death on the cross. That was the message of Pope Benedict XVI in his Trinity Sunday sermon throughout his visit to the tiny European state of San Marino June 19.
“So, in the mystery of the cross, there are three Divine Persons,” he told the 25,000 strong congregation at the country’s Serravalle Stadium.

“The Father, who gave his only begotten Son for the deliverance of the world, the Son, who carries out the will of the Father to the very end and the Holy Spirit - poured out by Jesus at the instant of his death - who comes to render us participants in divine life, to transform our lives, so that our lives are lively by divine love.”

San Marino is located in the north-eastern part of the Italian peninsula and is one of just three independent states in the world to be totally surrounded by another country, in this case Italy. It has a population of only 30,000. Pope John Paul II also visited San Marino back in 1982. That visit was for just one day, as is Pope Benedict’s today.

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