Friday, September 17, 2010

Pope's visit: Benedict warns of cult of celebrity

The pope today warned against the cult of the celebrity and wealth, on the second day of his British tour.

Visiting about 4,000 school pupils and young people at St Mary's University College, Twickenham, he told them that "money is not enough to make us happy".

Instead of modelling themselves on sport or entertainment stars, he urged them to find happiness in God.

In contrast to his strongly worded addresses yesterday, the pope struck a more informal tone as he adrressed Catholic schoolchildren.

"I hope that among those of you listening to me today there are some of the future saints of the 21st century," he said.

Benedict is known for baffling lay audiences with abstruse dissertations on the faith. But on this occasion, he made a point of talking in a language that was calculated to reach his listeners.

In an address that was relayed to the Catholic schools around the country, he said: "Perhaps some of you think being a saint is not for you. Let me explain what I mean. When we are young, we can usually think of people that we look up to, people we admire, people we want to be like.

"We live in a celebrity culture and young people are often encouraged to model themselves on figures from the world of sport or entertainment."

But by inviting his listeners to become saints, the pope said he was asking them "not to be content with second best".

He urged them not to be swayed by the motivations of wealth: "Having money makes it possible to be generous and do good in the world, but on its own, it is not enough to make us happy.

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